Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring is here.......


I know, I'm sorry it has been a while..... I've even forgotten what's happened since my last blog so this could be rather short!

So, the snow has melted, Easter has been and gone.... but what a glorious weekend we had. Temperatures reached highs of 29 degrees celsius which made a prefect time to spend outside. Stu and Ruth came over and we had a great time a usual, we took a long walk into the village, took photo's, barbequed and drank, but not too much :) The boys had lots of fun learning to fish with their rods they got at Christmas. They also found a baby snapping turtle that they insisted on keeping so that is now in a tank that they bought in their play room!!

Apart from the usual everyday stuff not much else has been happening really, I am enjoying the return of all the birds and watching the drab colourless garden starting to bloom with the spring sun and rain!

I spent a whole day trying to figure out my first tax return the old fashioned manual way and was getting frustrated with them as nothing is easy to calculate when the paper doesn't talk in plain English! Also it was a nice day out and I wanted to be out enjoying it rather than stuck in on my day off, anyway cutting a long story short and after speaking to Ruth about them..... I went online got a program and let that calculate it for me, I just have to look over it, print it and mail it with just a week or two to spare :) I promise myself not to leave it till the last minute next year!!

Not much happening this weekend, spring showers and sunny spells is the forecast so might be in but might also get my vegetable garden started.... If not I can see it being a small job for Paul, I know how he loves the garden and it would give him something else to do on thier visit :)

Well that's about all for now.... Be back soon

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